About Us

Priority: My Education was founded by Florence Charavay. Originally from France, Florence moved to the United States in 2000 and has taught school in Michigan, New Mexico, and Texas. Through her teaching experience at the elementary, high school and college levels, she realized that there was a disconnect between what happens in the classroom and how successful the students are. Florence noticed that many students had gaps in their knowledge, and were lacking some essential skills. it became her mission to help each student achieve their academic goals. She worked after-school, and in the summers with her students to ensure their readiness and success on the TAKS. Each subsequent year, the students were progressing and passing the TAKs at an increasing rate.
Florence believes that for learning to take place it is important that the following 3 factors are present:
1.learning needs to be interactive and hands-on
2. the material taught need to be relevant and fun
3. the student needs to trust the teacher.
In today's world, technology plays a very important role, children and teenagers are often more proficient at using computers and other devices than adults. This generation of students are increasingly drawn to modern technology, and Priority: My Education makes use of this technology. Our program includes both a face-to-face interaction with a tutor and a computer-based curriculum. The goal is to keep students interested and increase their learning. In order to reach more students and make a bigger impact in education, Florence has expanded her company into Arkansas and Michigan.
A few months ago, Florence's life was greatly impacted by the diagnosis of her son's developmental delay and learning disabilities. She decided to take a leave of absence from teaching to concentrate on assisting her son with his "special needs".
Florence's own personal challenges inspired her to develop and implement Priority: My Education tutoring program.
With your help, every child can achieve a level of success regardless of their circumstances. Priority: ME wants to rewrite the future of your children. Your child's success story continues to be our mission!
Our services:
Priority: My Education provides group tutoring services predominantly at schools. We offer one-to-one tutoring on a special needs basis at home, or local library in mathematics and language arts.
We hire the best and most qualified to come and work with your child. After the initial assessment, the tutoring session is designed to concentrate on the areas of learning that have the greatest need for the most improvement. Priority: ME uses a computer component along with other instructional materials to aide in the child's learning process.

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